African Fashion styles Ideas and Inspiration

African Fashion styles Ideas and Inspirations

Here is a selection of the African Fashion styles Ideas and Inspirations. Colorful and printed dresses, headscarves, nice necklaces…

There is no doubt that when it comes to the use of bold colors nobody can beat African fashion outfits. They really hold no limits on the most unusual color combinations and since there is no inhibition in the way colors are mixed, they really work. This means that the usual rules of not combining red with pink or orange with red or black with navy blue or use of yellow with green do not apply. In fact the opposite is true with bolder combinations all the time.

There is no way to describe the prints in African fashion outfits but as interesting. The prints in these fashion looks can take anything and mix it with anything else like small florals with huge florals or checks with dots or any other combination that you can think of. There is also the influence of retro type geometric designs dallying with tribal prints along with florals having a dalliance that is never before imagined.

Another important element that is part of the African fashion scenario is that there are many interesting headgears with colorful scarves wrapped around the head. This may or may not match the dress but together it really works to make the whole outfit look really interesting.

Apart from the many elements that we mentioned above, you also need to add other elements like beads, bangles, elaborate neckpieces and huge earrings.

Picture of our African Fashion styles Ideas and Inspirations

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